Conditions to bear in mind when returning the material

Form to be duly fulfilled and sent together with the material

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Department: *
Name: *
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Detected problem: *

The enclosed instrument
Model: *
Tecfluid Order No. or Serial Number: *

It has been used with the product: *
Since the product is: *  Pollutant
 Other (specify) 

We have:  Checked that all cavities in the equipment are free of said substance.
 Washed/cleaned and neutralised all the cavities of the instrument
We declare that there is no personal safety or environment risks involved due to the fact that there is no fluid waste present in this instrument.

Responsible person
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I have readed and accepted the legal conditions   

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  • According to European Directive 91/156/EEC Article 15 about waste removal in the apparatus, the responsability for waste removal lies only on those who have created it.
  • According to European Directive 89/391/EEC Section II Article 5 Point 1 , the employer is responsible for guaranteeing the safety of the workforce within the workplace.
  • In accordance with the above mentioned dispositions, we ask for your collaboration regarding material sent to us with reference to the norm and taking into account:

    • A- That all the instruments sent to Tecfluid to be repaired, checked etc. should be exempt from all kinds of harmful substances.

    • B- That all the instruments to be sent to Tecfluid should be accompanied by an attached certificate, confirming that its handling will be safe and indicating the type of fluid used with the equipment, or the precautions to be taken and the protective materials to be used for its cleaning.

  • Tecfluid will accept the instruments to be repaired or checked etc. which do not entail any personal risk, or are harmful to the environment.
  • Tecfluid will return to the sender any material which presents signs of contaminant substances or those which do not enclose the corresponding cleaning certificate.
  • Likewise, if non-harmful substances are identified, the instrument will be cleaned and the owner will be charged for said cleaning.

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