New ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids CU Series: Non-invasive measurement without process disruption.




Tecfluid S.A. has been designing and manufacturing flow and level instruments for more than 35 years, developing its own in-house technology and marketing its products nationally and internationally.

As a part of our strategy to expand product range, we have developed the new non-invasive ultrasonic flowmeter CU Series based on transit time measurement principle, which can be easily installed without modifying the installation by placing the transducers outside of the pipe.

These transducers convert the electrical signal into an ultrasonic wave, which penetrates inside the pipe and allows calculation of the liquid velocity.

The instrument can be quickly programmed via PC by means of the special software WINSMETER CU. The CU series of flowmeters has a graphic display with intuitive menus for easy programming as well.

This type of instrument is especially indicated for agressive liquids and clean liquids without particles in suspension. It allows flow measurement in high pressure processes. It has no pressure drop or risk of leaks. The measurement is independent of temperature, pressure, viscosity and conductivity. It has no moving parts and it is maintenance free.

The CU100 model provides a programmable 4-20 mA current output proportional to flow rate plus 2 programmable relay outputs. It is available for external mounting on pipes of different materials from DN80 to DN2000 with transducer straps in stainless steel. In order to make the installation easier it is possible to supply a graduated guide that makes easy the alignment of the transducers and their optimum positioning up to DN350 pipes.

Due to its characteristics the CU Series flowmeter can be used in processing and water distribution applications, food industry, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, heating and cooling systems, pools and irrigation systems, firefighting equipment, automotive industry, power plants ...

With a very competitive price as well, the CU100 flowmeter is a really efficient option for flow measurement in large DNs.


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