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Our challenge: Your satisfaction

If you have used our After Sales service, we would be grateful whether you could give us your opinion about your degree of satisfaction with the offered service. Your answers will be treated confidentially and shall not be used for any other purpose than research developed by Tecfluid S.A.

Your opinion is important for us. Please help us to improve:

Customer Satisfaction with the After Sales service

How did you contact Tecfluid's After Sales Department?

 By means of the usual Sales Engineer of Tecfluid
 Directly phoning to the After Sales Department
 By fax
 By e-mail
 Via web
 Other (please specify):

Why did you contact with the After Sales Department?

 Because I wanted you to repair a device
 Because I wanted to turn back a device
 Because I wanted to make a claim
 Other (please specify):

According to your experience with our After Sales Department, could you please, score the following aspects:

Problem resolution  Very good  Good  Regular  Bad  Very bad  Not applicable
Speed in answering  Very good  Good  Regular  Bad  Very bad  Not applicable
Easy to contact  Very good  Good  Regular  Bad  Very bad  Not applicable
Professionalism of the people  Very good  Good  Regular  Bad  Very bad  Not applicable
Report of inspection findings  Very good  Good  Regular  Bad  Very bad  Not applicable

Do you have any additional comment or suggestion about our After Sales service?

Many thanks for your opinion. It is of great value for us.
Tecfluid S.A.